Am 18.03.20 um 13:17 schrieb Willy Tarreau:
> That was my first impression as well, but when seeing Ilya's fix I
> thought I had incorrectly analysed the situation and that we were
> just missing some part of the buffered output.

Ilya's fixes are correct, but apply at a later point in time.

> It's really annoying to have to constantly commits into the project
> just to experiment with random fixes there. The problem could very
> well be in the build-ssl script but it's hard to tell. I was thinking
> about disabling this entry for now because it's a pain to constantly
> see the build status in red while it's only the SSL build which fails,
> something that's out of our scope.

Yes I agree here. Travis is getting more and more unreliable. GitHub
Actions which we are already using for Cygwin and recently for the spell
check supports amd64 using GitHub's runners and ARM using self-hosted

It might be a good replacement. Especially when using self hosted
runners, because then we are not restricted by some overcrowded cloud
infrastructure. Someone would need to step up to provide the runners,

I'm also using it for my haproxy-auth-request Lua script and VTest:

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Tim Düsterhus

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