Am 22.05.20 um 17:16 schrieb Willy Tarreau:
>   - new "http-error" directive and unification with the "return", "deny"
>     and "tarpit" rules. This means that it's now possible to handle a

Is there any functional difference between 'return' and 'deny' now or
can 'deny' be considered deprecated?

>     deny or a return exactly the same way by specifiying headers and body
>     independently using raw text or log-format, and that all processing
>     errors can now be dynamic. I know this used to be a very long awaited
>     feature which will for example allow to define errorfile templates
>     which embed a unique ID or at least be a bit more user-friendly.

Sweet. I always wanted to embed the unique ID in the error messages.

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Tim Düsterhus

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