Dear list,

Haproxy is an amazing project and it is clear that the devs are pouring
a lot of energy and time into it.

As a (very) small entrepreneur, I use Haproxy to host my services and
I'm quite happy with it. It is an essential part of my business.

I wish to redistribute a small part of the money IĀ generate to this
project, as I believe open source projects do need this, nothing is free
in this world.

Unfortunately, the only way to donate is through PayPal, and like many, I
have a strong aversion to this company.

May I suggest setting up an OpenCollective or Liberapay account (or
both)? These services also allow to be transparent about who gets what
and to remunerate recurrent contributors.

Let me know what you think! :)

~Nicolas CARPi

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