Hi all,

one year ago I proposed to remove support for "mode health",
"monitor-net" and "monitor-uri", then the conversation moved to the fact
that were missing "http-request return" to implement monitor-uri cleanly
and nobody complained about "mode health" nor "monitor-net" which are
already quite useless now since incompatible with SSL for example:


And since then we forgot to kill them :-/ I rediscovered they were still
present while trying to make progress on the code changes required to
integrate with QUIC. Seeing two nice 'send(cfd, "OK")'  directly in the
code didn't make me laugh a lot to be honest.

So I'm going to kill them right now in 2.3 (a year late and with no more
prior warning than the past discussion above), otherwise we're stuck for
yet another round. I'm fine with adding suggestions about http-return in
the error messages though.

As previously discussed above, we can probably keep monitor-uri for now
as it works. It's not the most elegant thing in the code but replacing
it will be at least as annoying for some users as it is to keep it in
the code. Probably that we could update the doc to encourage use of
http-request return though. If someone has a good proposal that does
both monitor-uri and monitor-fail in one line, that would be nice (e.g.
maybe with Tim's new "iif").

Regarding "http-tunnel" which is ignored and was marked as deprecated
since 2.1-dev2, I'll kill it as well for 2.3.

For "nbproc", given that I had no response in the previous question and
I anticipate some surprises if I play games with it, I'll probably apply
William's suggestion, consisting in starting to emit a warning about it,
and asking users to either remove it, or explicitly mention "nbthread 1"
to get rid of the warning, and to report their use case.

I think we'll really have to spend some time discussing about future
cleanups in the language during 2.4-dev, so that we can start adding
other warnings in 2.4. Some of these could cover Tim's request to try
to make the naming a bit more consistent between sample fetches and


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