❦ 16 February 2022 22:15 +01, Willy Tarreau:

> That's exactly the sense behind the word "maybe" above, to open the
> discussion :-)  Those with large buffers can definitely see a
> difference. I've seen configs with WAF analysis using 1MB buffers,
> and there the extra CPU usage will be noticeable, maybe 5-10%. My
> impression is that the vast majority of users rely on distro packages
> and are not sensitive to performance (typically sites like haproxy.org
> where enabling everything has no measurable impact, when I'm lucky I
> see 1% CPU). Those who deal with high levels of traffic tend to be
> forced to follow stable updates more often, they'll typically build
> from the Git tree, and are also more at ease with debugging options.
> That was my reasoning, it may be wrong, and I perfectly understand
> your point which is equally valid. And I'm not even asking for a
> change, just saying "maybe it would be even better if".

For Debian, being a binary distribution, we cannot be flexible with the
users. In the past, we were often told we were less performant than a
source distribution because we didn't enable this or this optimization.
Also, 1% CPU increase could also translate to increased latency.

As a comparison, we did not have memory cgroups in our kernels until the
overhead was reduced quite significantly when not using them. On our
side, we believe everyone is using Debian packages. ;-)
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