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Got it. If there is no a native way then I will think about some config generator app on the same host as the haproxy. Thank you!

15.06.2022 13:24, Илья Шипицин пишет:
there are few external tools for config provisioning, what comes to mind ...

(*) consul templates consul-template/haproxy.md at main · hashicorp/consul-template (github.com) <https://github.com/hashicorp/consul-template/blob/main/examples/haproxy.md> (*) dataplane api haproxytech/dataplaneapi: HAProxy Data Plane API (github.com) <https://github.com/haproxytech/dataplaneapi>

natively, haproxy uses text config files (which are usually provisioned by some automation)

ср, 15 июн. 2022 г. в 14:54, Yuriy Ivkin <y.iv...@corp.rtln.ru>:


     Are there any solutions allow keep configuration in a database
    instead of text file ? Fast googling did not give any results.

-- Best regards,
    Yuriy Ivkin

Best regards,
Yuriy Ivkin

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