I'd love to know that the beam/azimuth of Zanzibar Broadcasting's 11735khz
signal is. It's listed as 50kw non directional, but solely based upon the
signal I get from it everyday here in Alaska., there's no way it's non

BUT, a google map trip was taken and the ZBC site found, showing what is
clearly a directional antenna set up.

Also, I'd love to know what the power and beam/azimuth for Radio Guinea
9650khz in Conarky, Guinea is. A friend and I located on googlemaps what we
re pretty sure is their shortwave transmitting site, right in Conarky! The
site looks like 6 towers in an arched backwards C configuration

ZBC's 11735 power is listed but the beam isn't correct. I haven't seen
Radio Guinea's power/pattern/beam details anywhere.

Any ideas? I have my theories on Radio Conarky based on the signal I'm
hearing but I don't want to taint anyone elses ideas.
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