Yes, that was the old installation maybe TZA Chumbuni 7.2 km away of Dole,

TX were always very odd fq from Dole like 6014.5 or 11734.1 kHz.
These were object of DXers scene discussion in Oct/Nov 2003, when the SW tx
WERE OFF totally.

But not the most modern BBEF Beijing Made in China TX and curtain antenna
seen on Google M/E, which outlet is very even x.000 kHz now.

The Chinese built the new BBEF  TX up in 2004 year:
Appeared after 20 months again in July 2005.

6015 kHz even appeared on Dec 2004 first test,
and the even 11735 kHz outlet regular on air from July 2005 again.

Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but have we considered that this may be a
relay from somewhere else? Tanzania was never on any other freq but just
below 11735. This is how I always ID'd the tx. With it being exactly back
on 11735.00 suggests to me a different tx, and with more and more
broadcasters relying on relays from fewer and fewer organizations, the
thought has crossed my mind. Any other omments?
(Walt Salmaniw-BC-USA, dxld July 11, 2005)

- - -

see the 1998 history letter copy:

TANZANIA   11734  The Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar (thats the official name),
QSL-letter (partial data), for a taped report in 28 days, verie signer was
Abdulrah'man M.Said (for the director of the Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar),
return postage 2 IRCs, nice stamps on their air mail envelope.
Some quotes: "The Management is very much happy with your report ....It is
very unfortunate that at the moment we do not have a QSL-CARD [Isn't that
the phrase from a lot of other stations, too?], but I hope this letter will
serve the pupose [It does!]." "We have 178 personnel. We run a 15 hrs tx
every day from 0600 oclock to 0900 oclock in the morning and later on from
1200 noon to 2400 oclock midnight." "We have two txs, a 50 kW SW tx and a
50 kW MW tx located 5 km apart." "Furthermore I would like to request
yourself to do some printing of the said QSL-CARD WHICH ARE OF GREAT DEMAND
HERE. We will be using the cards to answer back our listeners all over the
[I'd wish, all stns would do this !].
Addr: The Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar, Department of Broadcasting, P.O.Box
1178, Zazibar Tel: 31985/33718/32324 Fax: 31985.
(Martin Schoech-D, March 23, 1998)

and German National Enzio Gehrig (lived in Spain) had visited the station
and engineers staff too in July 1999, and reported of the radio

RTZ employs more than 150 people, including 18 announcers and 10
technicians. The stn bcs 8 hrs a day on 11734 using a 50 kW Chinese made
txer and a rhombic antenna directed towards Oman, where a large number of
Zanzibar nationals reside. A parallel progr is bc during 18 hrs daily on
585 MW, using a Harris txer, also 50 kw. All bcs are in Swahili, incl a
rebc of a 30 min DW nx progr which is txed by satellite directly from
Cologne to Zanzibar three times a day.

En bcs are planned for the future. Also, the stn has plans to bc in FM
stereo if they can get the funding from the Tanzanian govt. The bc house is
impressive, and was built in 1993 with financial and technical help from

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Hi Paul.
I don't know the situation in Zanzibar nowadays but
around 1999 the engineer at Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar
informed that the 25 meterband antenna is rhombic and
transmissions were meant for Zanzibarians working
in Oman/Persian Gulf area.
73, Jari Savolainen, Finland

On 17.9.2016 1.55, Paul B. Walker, Jr. wrote:
I'd love to know that the beam/azimuth of Zanzibar Broadcasting's
11735khz signal is. It's listed as 50kw non directional, but solely based
upon the signal I get from it everyday here in Alaska., there's no way
it's non directional.

BUT, a google map trip was taken and the ZBC site found, showing what is
clearly a directional antenna set up.

Also, I'd love to know what the power and beam/azimuth for Radio Guinea
9650khz in Conarky, Guinea is. A friend and I located on googlemaps what
we re pretty sure is their shortwave transmitting site, right in Conarky!
The site looks like 6 towers in an arched backwards C configuration ZBC's
11735 power is listed but the beam isn't correct. I haven't seen Radio
Guinea's power/pattern/beam details anywhere.

Any ideas? I have my theories on Radio Conarky based on the signal I'm
hearing but I don't want to taint anyone elses ideas.
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