For IMDisk - if you map it to a different drive (I used Z:) then it doesn't break updates anymore. It just seems like it's something with it being the B: drive which breaks updates and the windows store.


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I blocked it for no other reason saw nothing new I needed and other ppl were having problems. If there are updates in the background that are important they are not emphasizing them. I did let it install in my netbook but it needs to come out, internet speed dropped to under 1 mbs
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I found the conflict = IMDisk. I always run a ram disk. I have been using IMDisk since windows 8. IMDISK installs in windows 10 without a problem, it runs without a problem, Creators update installs without a problem, but after creators update installs the computer can't update anything = windows, acrobat pro, office, and the computer can not download and, install anything from the windows store.

I did a new install of Windows 10 which included Creators Update. Then I started installing my programs, one of which was an app from the windows store.... which wouldn't install. This was a brand new build so I just started uninstalling programs one at time followed by a reboot. When I uninstalled IMDisk the windows store immediately downloaded and installed my apps!

I really like a large RAM Drive so I am hoping to find one that works with Windows 10 Creators update.


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