I have a similar situation with a Win10 Ideapad and Win7 desktop. I have
several other Win 7 desktops that I do not have the access problem, but I
re-boot them often. The problem disappears with my main desktop (that is on
24/7) when I re-boot. No explanation why, just an observation of the problem
and when it disappears.

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on my personal LAN I have a mix of win10 win8 and win7 computers. 
They all share the same workgroup. They all have user name and password log
ins. They all work fine except for a single Thinkpad
Win10 pro computer = WL trying to connect to my only Windows 8 PRO computer
with media center= MC. This operates as my media server. The windows 8
computer can log into the Thinkpad. The Thinkpad can log into any other
computer EXCEPT for the windows 8 computer. I have created and tried
different user names and passwords, I have tried logging in as administrator
after enabling administrator on the MC computer and giving it a password.
Nothing works. Anybody know why?

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