Would you mind if I ask why?


Alex Blewitt wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'd like to start work on an implementation of the pack200
decompression algorithm, from the specification which is available at

The actual java class/interface is relatively simple, but the
implementation behind the unpack() and pack() methods decidedly isn't
:-) My goal will be to provide the unpacking algorithm first, and then
work on a packer subsequently. I'll probably try to write it in an
o.a.h module first, and then hook it into the java.util.jar
classes/packages later.

The only problem is that I'm building this on a Mac (primarily) and so
I don't have the ability to download the IBM VM for bootstrapping the
VM process (though a later task is to see if I can help with the
migration of the VM to Mac OS X). Can I develop it against the Java
1.4 on my machine for the o.a.h module first, and then contribute it
in stages?

The other problem is that the API is pretty sparse; the packer either
unpacks, or it doesn't :-) So from a contribution point of view, there
may not be much to publically show, but I'd like (if possible) to have
some of the implementation work made available as I go, in case anyone
else wants to help out :-)

I'd also like to try and design the implementation such that it could
be downloaded and used by other OSGi implementations (e.g. Eclipse).

If someone can give me some advice as to a suitable package name I can
make an initial start on an implementation, and then in stages can
post it to Jira.



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