Shalom Safranim,

If you were moved by the Academy Award Winning Documentary STRANGERS NO MORE –

You must take a look at

The quest for identity in modern day Israel is beautifully addressed 
in this special documentary.

Unlike Strangers No More – HOMECOMING is an Israeli film made by an 
Israeli filmmaker. And her unique perspective and distinctive 
point-of-view give voice to three wonderful children who are in 
search of identity.

As the State of Israel about to deport foreign workers and their 
children – this film is a timely exploration of a complex political 
and personal situation. Where does identity come from? And what makes 
you connected to your homeland? HOMECOMING takes us on a moving 
journey with three teenagers who were born in Israel to foreign 
workers who came to Israel in search of a better life. These kids are 
not Jewish, but are deeply Israeli – and their individual journeys 
take on cultural and emotional dimensions. We travel with them to the 
Congo, to Peru and to the Philippines as they examine their roots and 
contemplate their future.

These issues are of great interest in our modern world and we think 
HOMECOMING would be a terrific addition to your library collection. 
The price for university libraries is $300 + shipping and handling 
and $115 for public libraries + shipping and handling.

To learn more about this special film please go to our website 

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