I am new to running a library and have just taken over as our Temple 
Librarian at a small congregation. Our library is currently using the 
DDS with small file box being our card catalog. I would like to move 
our system onto a computer and allow our congregants to search our 
catalog, possibly online. I am not sure if such a system exists, but 
what I would like to use is something similar to an "iTunes" type 
software. By that I mean, I would like to find something that works, 
possibly online, in such a way that I can tell it what books we have, 
and it would automatically know everything about those books without 
me having to type it all in. I would also like to be able to redo the 
labeling on our books, as right now it doesn't seem fluid and 
consistent. I would like it if the system I end up using could print 
the labels out for me, based on what I have told it I have in my 
inventory. Does such a software program exist? Our Temple is on a 
tight budget and I don't have a lot of funds to work with, so 
something with a small price tag is needed.

Thank you for any help,

Angela Nelson


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