As a former trustee of JPS, I applaud the move.  JPS played an 
invaluable role in the development of the American Jewish community 
by sponsoring and promoting both the translation of classic texts and 
encouraging critical research and literature when no one else was 
doing so.  It is a tribute to JPS that their success rendered them an 

Once the Jewish community came into its own and there were many for 
profit Jewish publishers and mainstream academic institutions able 
and willing to perform the role that had previously been performed by 
JPS.  Jewish scholars no longer needed to turn to JPS to publish 
their works when Penn, Harvard, Brown, Brill, Schocken and others 
were available to them.  What justification could there be for JPS to 
use charitable funds to compete with other publishers - especially 
where the other publishers had better distribution and marketing 
networks?   (As to those works for which there was no other 
publisher, one has to question the value of the work.)

The JPS had, at one time, created monumental works of lasting 
importance, the Tanakh being just one shining example.   Today the 
monumental works are being produced by others - Matt's Zohar 
translation, the Schottenstein Talmud, the Yerushalmi and the 
Steinsaltz Talmud for example.  The academic works are being done by 
academic publishers who have a greater cachet on an academic c.v. 
than JPS.  The popular works are being done by either Jewish or 
standard publishers and are much more widely distributed than any JPS 
popular work.

As to new Jewish literature, even JPS's own, such as Chaim Potok 
turned elsewhere when it came to publishing their own Jewish literature.

Let us praise the founders of JPS for their success and applaud the 
current trustees for their wisdom.

Zachary L. Grayson, Esq.
Kfar Sava, Israel


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