[Was: Disposition of Discards, Unsolicited Donations]

I'd like to thank all of you who've responded to my query on dealing 
with a common issue -- unsolicited donations and disposition of discards.

I was hoping for simple, straightforward solution(s) -- which also 
would be easy to transmit to successor (voluntary) librarians. 
Several of you suggested ways of selling items or donating to 
charitable organizations, and the different variations give food for 
thought. We periodically do some variation on several of your 
suggestions, but are limited by: lack of storage space, lack of 
display space, lack of time, and well-intended donors who are unaware 
of or choose to ignore guidelines of our donation policy. At this 
juncture, we are discouraging any non-monetary donation if the item 
is not included on one of our three wish lists -- Adult Books, 
Children's Books, Audiovisual Media.

There are a few things we are attempting to do which I thought might 
be helpful to share:

1. DONATION POLICY: We have a formal written DONATION POLICY, which 
periodically is reviewed/changed. At least annually (if not more 
frequently) we communicate essential points of the Donation Policy 
(via signs, written newsletters, electronic communication, etc.) Our 
donation policy includes: criteria, a requirement (often ignored) 
todirectly communicate with the Chair of the Library Committee and 
provide a list (Author and Title, or ISBN number) to see if we can 
accept a donation, how a donation will be acknowledged including that 
we do not state an assessed value for items donated, info on 
disposition of donated items -- including the possibility of selling items.
2. WISH LISTS: We have created Wish Lists on amazon.com and encourage 
any in-kind Donations to be made from our Wish Lists. We currently 
are discouraging any other donations.
3. DONATION REGISTRY: We have created a computerized Donation 
Registry to record and preserve the sentiments expressed on the 
bookplates of books and other media. This preserves the original 
intent of a donor, even if the item subsequently was removed from the 
collection (e.g. was lost, damaged, deaccessed, etc.) The Registry 
periodically may be printed and available for public perusal as a 
Donation Registry.

I'm unlikely to reply to any additional responses to my original 
query, and wish to express my appreciation to allsafranim who have or 
will reply.

Robin I. Zeitz
Beth El Temple Center
Library Committee
Belmont, MA
email: rize...@gmail.com


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