Europe. Bargain Price. In Two Volumes.
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We are proud to offer:

Hundert, Gershon David, edited by. "The YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in 
Eastern Europe. In Two Volumes." New Haven, Conn. , Prepared for 
publication by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Studies for Yale 
University Press, 2008. First Edition. ISBN:  978-0-300-11903-9. 
Quartos, orange cloth with black and gold lettering and the YIVO 
emblem blind-stamped on the front covers, xxx, 1166 pp., maps, color 
plates, b/w photos + 1167-2400 pp., overview maps, color plates, b/w 
photos, glossary, directory of contributors, synoptic outline of 
contents, index. Hardbound. As New. Preface by Gershon David Hundert. 
"Guide to Using the YIVO Encyclopedia," by Jeffrey P. Edelstein. (60274)

This set was at least nominated for the Reference Award from AJL. It 
should be in any Jewish or academic library.

I believe that the print version of this work is now out of print. It 
was published at $400.00 retail. I have a limited number of sets. The 
more I sell the higher the price. I have three sets remaining to 
offer at $75.00. I have five sets remaining at $100.00, five at 
$125.00 and the remainder  at $150.00 my retail price. Postage is 
additional at cost. We ship and bill to libraries. Individuals will 
be asked to prepay.

Henry Hollander. Bookseller
843 Twenty-Fourth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94121
415-831-3228 tel



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