Subject: RE: [ha-Safran]: "Jewish Publication Society Sale Brings End to Era"

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to respond to the news about our move forward. I
can assure you that our decision to partner with the University of Nebraska
  Press will not only allow us to continue to publish ground-breaking works
of Jewish interest, but to do it better than before.

For 125 years, we have been a solid institution, filling a void within the
Jewish community with scholarship, Bible and biblical commentary, and other
  invaluable works. This will not change.

Under our current agreement, JPS will continue to acquire new titles, more
so than we have over the last few years. We will continue to be a nonprofit
  book publisher, partnering with the University of Nebraska, who will handle
our sales, marketing, licensing, and production.

It is a win-win for JPS: we can now acquire and develop quality works for the
Jewish community without having to deal with the business side of publishing.
I personally consider the University of Nebraska Press to be our ultimate
and ideal donor, helping us to continue and shine for many years to come.

All the best,

Alx Block
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Jewish Publication Society
2100 Arch St. Phila. PA 19130
Ph: <>215.832.0622

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