Greetings -

I am presenting a class for one of my professors - and would like to 
know if you have any recommendations for a good journal article (in 
English) on the history of Jewish Libraries, publishers, or anything 
in regard to shortage of books/problems  in the early days of Jewish 
immigration to the states.  I am not going into a lot of depth on 
different types of libraries - but will discuss them - as well as 
Judaica collections in the public domain.

The students I will be working with are not Jewish - they are 
graduate students pursuing the MLIS . I am presenting a little 
background - to have a perspective on the meaning of learning, 
language, and customs - but don't want to overwhelm them. Haim (our 
Haim on this list ;=) was kind enough to make some suggestions in 
that area a while back!

The class is 3 hours (but I get an hour and one half).  I'd like 
something scholarly - and have several things I want to give them - 
in particular the Forward article on the end of JPS - I was also 
thinking about an article on the burning of the Talmud in Paris - 
first - few non-Jews know about this sort of thing - and second - it 
quickly impresses people about the importance of books to us - and 
the fact that our culture survived despite such destruction. We will 
touch on the destruction in the Holocaust - but the focus is not 
destruction- it is the library  in the eyes of our people.

The title of the class is "multicultural and ethnic libraries" - the 
professor who teaches it approaches it from a critical theory 
perspective - I am more of an historian and analytical type. The 
students should find the difference rather interesting ;=)

Many thanks!



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