Dear Fellow ha-Safran members -

Aquila Polonica Publishing specializes in publishing the Polish WWII
experience in English.

We are now finalizing preparation of our next book, "The Auschwitz
Volunteer: Beyond Bravery," by Captain Witold Pilecki, translated by Jarek
Garlinski. This is the first time that Witold Pilecki's 1945 Report about
his 2-1/2 year undercover mission as a prisoner at Auschwitz will be
published in English. More info at:

Pilecki's report is an important primary source about Auschwitz, and we feel
that it will be a prime candidate for inclusion in Holocaust studies

We'd appreciate your feedback on whether we should include a list of
Discussion Questions at the back of the book - in your opinion would it be:
(A) a positive, i.e., enhance the book; (B) a negative, i.e., detract from
the book; or (C) neutral, neither positive nor negative.

You should know that we are already including the following supplemental
material in the book:

        1) a brief introduction along the lines of what we've put up on our
website at the link above;

        2) a more extensive Historical Horizon section entitled "Captain
Witold Pilecki: The Report, the Mission, the Man" which gives more detailed
historical background on Pilecki, his report, etc.;

        3) a Glossary;

        4) an index identifying most of the roughly 200 names associated
with the code numbers used by Pilecki to protect identities;

        5) a list of the German-language ranks and positions in the camp;

        6) a Summary of the Contents (not a Table of Contents per se,
because Pilecki wrote his Report as one long piece, without chapter breaks
or section headings);

        7) Translator's Note;

        8) A Note About this Edition, explaining the editorial choices that
we made in presenting the Report in this edition;

        9) we have also commissioned a general index, which won't be worked
on until the typesetting is finalized; and

        10) we are planning about five maps, and two to three dozen photos.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Terry A. Tegnazian
Aquila Polonica (U.S.) Ltd.
10850 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Tel: 310-470-0770
Email: info at
Aquila Polonica Publishing is dedicated to publishing, in English, the
Polish experience of World War II
with first-hand accounts, memoirs, photographs, artwork, poetry, literature
and historical studies.

New from Aquila Polonica! "303 Squadron: The Legendary Battle of Britain
Fighter Squadron," by Arkady Fiedler
"About as exciting as it gets.a must-read." -The Washington Times
Winner of the top Gold Award for History at the 2011 Benjamin Franklin


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