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I am pleased to inform you that the new Jewish publisher Mosaica 
Press has released the new title Why Be Jewish? By Doron Kornbluth.

This book can be ordered via Feldheim Publishers: 
800-237-7149, and Baker & Taylor

Why Be Jewish?

Jewish Identity and Inspiration in the 21st Century

Why Be Jewish? is an inspiring and pleasurable collection of over 20 
personal stories surrounding the central question of the day: Why 
bother being Jewish, anyway? Based on the stories of individuals he 
has met over the many years Kornbluth has been teaching, each chapter 
is unique and fascinating. Why Be Jewish? appeals to all segments of 
the Jewish community, from Reform to Orthodox. It is appropriate for 
teens, college students, twenty-somethings – and 'older folks' as 
well. Why Be Jewish is touching, thought provoking, meaningful and 
funny. See which perspectives appeal most to you, and gain clarity 
and confidence in why you're Jewish.

About the Author
Doron Kornbluth is a bestselling author and renowned international 
speaker. Hailing originally from Montreal, Canada, Doron is now based 
in Israel and speaks in over 50 cities a year worldwide. His most 
famous talks include The Jewish Pride Seminar, Raising Kids to LOVE 
Being Jewish and Why Be Jewish? (also the title of his latest book). 
With his unique combination of humor, depth and thought-provoking 
ideas, Doron is popular and respected by all types of Jewish 
organizations, and his books and talks have been widely discussed and 
reviewed. With his wife Sarah, Doron is also busy raising – and 
inspiring – his own Jewish family.

Title: Why Be Jewish?

Author: Doron Kornbluth

Publisher: Mosaica Press, distributed by Feldheim

ISBN: 978-0-9814974-7-1,  Paperback $17.99

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