Chaya wrote:

>Does anyone have access to the articles?
>Jewish Affairs : July 92 vol. 47 iss. 2 pages 9-14. The Jews in 
>Spain, an introduction
>Jewish Political Studies Review: Spring 2004 vol. 16 issues 1-2. 
>Pages 35-49. Berdichevsky, Norman "The Age-Old Iberian Rivalry and the Jews".
>Jewish Spectator: Spring 91 volume 55. issue 4. pages 26-30, Roth, 
>Norman, "1992 and its mythology: a warning"
>Shofar : Spring 92 . vol. 10 issue 3 pages 5-46 Faur, Jose "Two 
>Models of Jewish Spirituality"
And if you do have access to these articles, please, please, please 
send them to me, too.
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