Dear Friends,

Recently we have distributed the most recent book by the 
distinguished scholar Prof. Yithak Avishur, in Hebrew, entitled, ' 
Psalms'  Translation Into Judaeo-Arabic from Baghdad and Mosul. The 
work is significant, scholarly, critical analysis of the Biblical 
texts from Judeo-Arabic manuscripts. The author also includes 
comparison and analysis based on the oral teachings. The work is 
important for Bible scholars and linguistic scholars of Hebrew and 
Iraqi Arabic.             Cat. # 77474 $88.00

A marvelous Hebrew book, 'Ben Ish Hai,' has been published by Merkaz 
Shalom La'am. The book is on the Hakham Yossef of Baghdad, by Rabbi 
Ya'akov Hilel and documents the' life, times heritage of the great 
leader of Babylonian Jewry.' The 543 page work includes documents, 
facsimiles of manuscripts, much material on the prolific writings of 
Rabbi Yossef Hayim as well as much text  including on philosophy, 
ethics, faith, liturgical poetry to name a few. The work comes out of 
Ahavat Shalom, has foot notes , eighteen pages if indices (names and 
books) and a 3 page English introduction.   Isbn 
978-965-91693-0-6.  Cat 78163 $ 65.00

There is a new set, Sifre Maharal published by the institute 
dedicated to the publication of the works of R' Yehuda Lowe z"l of 
Prague. These classic works have been published many times. This set 
is very good and is really two sets in one. The eleven (11) volumes 
include: five volumes on the many works of the Maharal, five volumes 
on Bible/Humash and a full volume of indices by subject, books and 
sources. Rabbi Shaul Yitzhak Klar is head of the institute and the 
editorial board includes Rabbis Auslander, Slonim, Fink, Freidman, 
Zulman, Ritter and Shimonovitz. The Institute  published via Segula 
Publishers and is distributed by Feldheim.       Cat 78187 $259.00

Ish Yemini is a 3 volume set, a memorial work on Rabbi Yehi Yithak 
Halevi  z'l a Yemenite Rabbi  of the late 19th – early 20th Cent 
CE.  The book includes halakha, response on Jewish Law, much on 
ritual law kashrut and prayer and also on personal / family law. The 
responsa with many rabbis is included and documented in detail.  The 
work is a three volume work which documents Jewish Law, Kashrut, 
Matrimonial and commercial issues and Jewish History, community life 
and relations with the wider Moslem community.    The set is 
significant for scholars of halakha, the position, roles and 
relations of the Jews of Yemen with the Yemenite Moslem communities 
and leadership, the relations and matters relating to different 
Jewish communities in different cities within Yemen and Jewish social 
and political and religious history of this period towards the end of 
the Ottoman Empire.  Cat 78188   $82.00

Bar Ilan University has published Melekhet Mahshevet, studies in the 
redaction and development of Talmudic literature edited by Aaron Amit 
and Aharon Shemesh. The book is scholarly and is a collection of 
articles on the critical analysis of Talmud and Midrashic texts by 
the world's leading scholars on these subjects in Jewish Studies. The 
book is a must have for any Jewish library which covers Talmud or 
Midrash as well as those studying rabbinic logic and textual 
analysis. Isbn 978-965-226-398-8  Cat. 77384   $42.00

Lastly, it is my pleasure to mention the new book, 'the Torah 
Commentary of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, Genesis – Bereshit.'  The book 
is the product of years of study and compilation based on teaching, 
sermons and interviews given by Reb Shlomo to many followers. The 
book is important in its theological and hermeneutic aspects as bible 
commentary and as an important force of 20th Century CE spiritual, 
mystic and Hassidic revival.  The book is meaningful to all levels of 
Jewish study.  For those who enjoy Hassidic stories and wisdom, this 
book is also highly recommended.  Cat. 78198  $27.00

This year once again, my excellent chief of staff, Ayelet Gal will be 
exhibiting on behalf of Jerusalem Books ltd. at the upcoming AJS in 
Washington DC.  Please meet her or suggest to relevant students or 
faculty to meet her there.

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA from all of us here.


Jeff Spitzer

Jerusalem Books ltd.

POB 26190, Jerusalem 91261, Israel

Tel: 972-2-642-6576  Fax: 972-2-643-3580


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