I can highly recommend Sarah Shectman, http://www.zang.com/#

Though, she specializes in academic editing.


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Hello safranim,

I am wondering if anyone on this list knows a professional  editor that may be 
willing to work on an unusual project.  I know a young man here in LA (about 30 
years old) who has written an autobiography of his life as someone who is 
living with Asperger’s.  He told me he is looking for an editor before he 
self-publishes. I saw a few chapters of his work and it is quite interesting 
and well-written. He discusses his fears and his upbringing (parents 
Israeli---Jewish school and expectations) quite clearly, although it is obvious 
in sentence structure that he thinks quite concretely. He does have a job and 
is willing to pay for an editor to look at his book. I told him that I do think 
his book will be of interest to those who want to learn more about the thought 
processes of a person with Asperger’s Syndrome, but I don’t know free-lance or 
other editors.  If anyone has any ideas, please pass them along!


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