I was intrigued by the appended posting, largely because of an exchange several 
years ago about "Israeli censorship of Arabic literature" and how it affected 
libraries within Israel and the West Bank. The posting accused Israel of 
banning the import of books from the Arab world and those cutting off Arabic 
readers from their own culture.  As I recall, the tone of the posting was so 
extreme  – something along the lines of Israel's war on Palestinian libraries – 
that I decided to investigate.

Thanks for the interesting results of your investigation, Lee.  At the Society 
of American Archivists’ annual conference several years ago, I attended a 
session on “Archives under Occupation in Palestine”, at which the presenters 
argued that the large amounts of the cultural patrimony of the Palestinians 
have been either systematically or neglectfully plundered or destroyed by 
Israel, going back to the founding of the State. It was definitely biased, and 
I was familiar enough with recent events to identify examples of misstatements 
and exaggerations, but I always meant to research what had really taken place 
regarding Palestinian libraries and archives in today’s Israel during and after 
the 1948 war and equivalently in the West Bank after 1967. I am wondering if 
you or anyone here knows of reliable resources on this topic?  English language 
would be ideal, but anything would be appreciated.

Deena M. Schwimmer, Archivist
Yeshiva University Archives
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