Christopher Howard:
I was wondering if there was perhaps
another language very similar to Haskell (but presumably simpler) with a
super portable compiler easily built from source, which I could try.

I'll admit -- I haven't tried the HUGS compiler for Haskell. The quick
description didn't make it sound much more portable than GHC, but I
guess I could try it if I heard some good reasons to think it would be
more portable.
Is the portability which worries you, or the age of your system?

Hugs (and Gofer before) are simply sufficiently old... I used them on Red Hat in one of my previous lives.
Do you really need to compile your system from sources?

There are binaries everywhere. If you want a *simpler* language, perhaps try Miranda? Also a quite ancient language...

Or, perhaps a newer one, in some aspects simpler than Haskell (but far from any simplicity): Clean.

Perhaps it might help to know what do you need it for...

The best

Jerzy Karczmarczuk

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