Hello café:

I'd very much like to get text-icu working on Windows, as then I could ship
pandoc binaries that do proper unicode collation in bibliographies.  But I'm
having a devil of a time.  This may be due to my very limited Windows
knowledge.  Any help would be appreciated, especially from someone who actually
has text-icu working on Windows.

I was able to cabal install text-icu without errors. I used --extra-lib-dirs
and --extra-include-dirs to point to the lib and include directories in the
32-bit binary distribution of icu4c.  I'm using the latest Haskell Platform,
2012.4.0.0 with ghc 7.4.2.

I was also able to build the following simple program that uses text-icu, by
doing ghc --make icu.hs:

-- icu.hs
import Data.Text.ICU
main = print $ Locale "tr-TR"

No errors or warnings in either of these steps. But when I try to run the
compiled program, icu.exe, I get no output at all. I expected to get a line
with 'Locale "tr-TR"', but instead I get nothing -- not even an error or 
This remains the case if I try

main = do
  print "Start"
  print $ Locale "tr-TR"
  print "Done"

'echo $?' yields False.

Any ideas?


(I've posted a similar question to StackOverflow [1], but it hasn't gotten
an answer yet there, so I thought I'd try here.)


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