Sven Panne wrote:
2013/9/27 Conal Elliott <>:
[...] Am I mistaken about the current status? I.e., is there a solution for
Haskell GUI & graphics programming that satisfies the properties I'm looking
for (cross-platform, easily buildable, GHCi-friendly, and
OpenGL-compatible)? [...]

Time warp! ;-) Point your browser at the archives a
decade ago... I think the consensus at that time was a bit
disappointing: Either one could have something portable but hard to
install and alien-looking, or something non-portable but easy to
install and native-looking. The fundamental UI concepts on the various
platforms differed so much that there was no hope for a grand unified
pretty UI library, so those GUI efforts basically ended. I think the
reasoning behind this hasn't changed recently, but I would love being
proven wrong.

Well, the advent of modern browsers has changed the first alternative to "portable, easy to install and alien-looking". That's the niche I'm belaboring with threepenny-gui.

Personally, I think that the "easy to install" criterion beats all the others -- it is hard to use a GUI library that you can't install.

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Heinrich Apfelmus


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