> My opponent gave me that link:

I enjoy the article you linked but I sort of skimmed it because it was a
little boring, however its main point seem to be:

1. Ghostbusters.
2. Artificial intelligence is useless [1]
3. Listen to Anders! [2]

An interesting sample:

"Anders Hejlsberg: Well, the best Software
Transactional Memory implementations are still sitting
at around 200% to 400% and that's even in best
cases actually and still with Software Transactional
Memory it's still, in a sense, it's still a problem of
synchronization and shared state which...

Carl Franklin:
It's just under the lower level.

Anders Hejlsberg: Some would argue it's t h e
wrong way to look at the problem in the beginning.
We shouldn't have the shared state to begin with.

Richard Campbell: Right.

Hat guy from xkcd (Enter stage left): But don't you see that Haskell has
no shared state.  That's exactly why STM is so great for doing
concurrency in Haskell!"

(I maybe edited that a little there.)

Ta ta,

[1] Artificial intelligence is pointless

[2] The internet audio talkshow
I found this transcript on google.  Server seems to give of fake 404
pages, so have to hotlink :(

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