2010/8/8 Johnny Morrice <sp...@killersmurf.com>:
>> My opponent gave me that link:
> http://logicaloptimizer.blogspot.com/2010/06/so-microsofts-experiments-with-software.html
> I enjoy the article you linked but I sort of skimmed it because it was a
> little boring, however its main point seem to be:
> 1. Ghostbusters.
> 2. Artificial intelligence is useless [1]
> 3. Listen to Anders! [2]
> Anders Hejlsberg: Some would argue it's t h e
> wrong way to look at the problem in the beginning.
> We shouldn't have the shared state to begin with.
> Richard Campbell: Right.

"Except that we have to write real apps" is a real gem of that conversation. ;)

Thank you very much for your points.
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