I see we have a "Last call" column. What are its semantics? What are
the criteria for moving an RFC into it? Once there, can the RFC be
moved back out? Has it a time limit when an RFC there must be either
merged or closed? How shall we choose whether to merge or close?

If no one has an idea yet, i propose this:
• A Committee member can move to nominate an RFC by making a comment
to that effect. If no comments have been made on the RFC since,
another member may then move the RFC to "Last call".
• Once in "Last call", an RFC remains for 1 week while further
comments can be made and committee members cast votes for either
"Merge" or "Close". Open question: shall we vote openly in the
comments or by some other system TBD?
• At the end of the voting period, if a majority of the committee (not
merely of those who voted) votes to merge or close, we do so; else we
move the RFC back to "In discussion".

I formulated this procedure so no one member could push an agenda
unilaterally, but to break the stall in progress i have been feeling
here. Alternative proposals welcome.
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