Call for Contributions

                           HASKELL WORKSHOP

                    June 25, 1995     La Jolla, CA
                  (on weekend between PEPM and FPCA)

The functional language Haskell is approaching its 5th birthday.
There are now several robust and popular implementations of Haskell,
and it has been used in a variety of applications, big and small,
academic and industrial.  This informal workshop is aimed at discussing
the future of Haskell: what have we learned, what should be different,
and what is the process for change?  The forum will consist of invited
talks, presentations of submitted papers, specific proposals for
change, and open discussions on the most interesting topics.

Papers are being sought in several categories and styles.  Both short
papers (5-8 pages) and longer ones (up to 15 pages) will be considered,
with presentation times allotted accordingly.  Papers describing
experience with Haskell, specific suggestions for change or extension,
libraries/prelude/structural issues, and surveys/tutorials on specific
issues will be considered.  Work in progress is welcome, consistent
with the workshop forum.  Suggestions are also sought for possible
panel sessions or other topical forums.  Copies of submitted papers
will be assembled into a workshop proceedings and distributed to
participants.  (Although the workshop will not address implementation
techniques per se, implementation issues will be considered when
sufficiently influenced by language design.)

All submissions should be made electronically to [EMAIL PROTECTED]
by April 24, 1995.  Refereeing will be done as for a special issue of
a journal.  Notification of acceptance/rejection will be made by May 17,
with final papers due by June 2.

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