|    What if (the appropriate parts of) the standard prelude is
| explicitly *not* imported:
|       import Prelude ()
| or
|       import Prelude hiding(map)
| (see section 5.4.3).
|    Are then the hidden parts of the standard prelude still available via
| n+k patterns, list comprehensions etc.?  (Via some unseen and unhidable
| intermediary module.) Or are constructs that use hidden parts of the
| standard prelude (according to their translations given in the report)
| not available?

Yes.  No.  Respectively.

The Report is obviously not clear enough on this point. The wording given
for translations (eg list comprehensions) that "map" refers to the Prelude
"map" is meant to indicate that it refers to the Prelude "map" whether or
not the latter is explicitly in scope.  That's the consistent story for all
special syntax, to answer the latter part of your message.


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