I think that we should try a different approach, forget about 

  the importing
  mechanism, and make a single statement defining the intended semantics.

  Section 1.2 (The Haskell Kernel) is the place. I propose adding the

  The translations given, and the identities given for the semantics of
  case expressions, are not macros. A simple replacement of the
  right-hand-side for the left-hand-side with substitution of parameters  
  not give the intended semantics. The reason for this is that the
  translations make use of certain names defined in the standard prelude  
  section 5.4), and macro substitution could result in the capture of  
  names by locally defined entities, or the use of a name in a context in
  which it is not defined at all because the part of the prelude in which  
  is defined has not been imported. The general rule is: the use of a name
  defined in the standard prelude in a translation intended to show the
  semantics of a construct always implies the definition in the standard

  Then, people can locally rebind as much as they want, but the constructs
  defined by translation will be unaffected.

This sounds reasonable to me.  -Paul

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