John Launchbury makes the suggestion, inter alia, that Haskell 1.3
`should get rid of Assoc.'

Reading some of the followup messages, I see that there is some
division on this point.  Those closer to the scientific applications
community, such as Nikhil and Joe Fasel's acquaintances, seem to be
warmed by the familiar sight of `:=', whereas the more
pure-mathematically motivated commentators seem to find the (assuredly
equivalent) pair constructor more congenial.

There have also been some noises about compatibility, since adopting
John's suggestion will definitely stop old code dead in its tracks
(namely, in the type-checker).

Clearly, what's needed to satisfy all parties and make Haskell 1.3 the
rousing success that it deserves to be is to introduce a class
`Associator' with methods `key', `image', `associate', `toPair',
`toAssoc'.  Then the array prelude functions could be redefined in
terms of the class by (1) pattern-matching on `toAssoc assoc' instead
of `assoc' for each variable assoc :: Assoc, and (2) replacing
explicit applications of the constructor `:=' by `associate'.  I don't
think user code would have to change, but users might wonder about the
new inferred type constraints on their array code.  

Of course, to recover efficiency, all Haskell implementors will have
to treat the class `Associator' specially so that no dictionary usage
is actually produced (as long as the users haven't perversely
introduced their own instances, which suggests some wondrous new
interpretations of the concept `array').

I intended this message to be humorous when I started, but I'm
beginning to think this is a reasonable approach to such matters.  So
let's generalize with wild abandon: what would be the consequences of
automatically deriving an class abstraction for _every_ Haskell data
type?  Even function types are eligible via the abstract operation
`apply'.  What new vistas now unfold?

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