I just renamed several wiki pages.  One reason for this renaming was the 
inconsistent capitalization of page titles.  The thread starting with 
http://www.haskell.org//pipermail/haskell/2006-January/017485.html contains 
some background of this renaming.

I think that a consistent and sensible naming of pages of the Haskell Wiki is 
very important.  Since no further opinions were given concerning page naming 
and late page renamings might be inconvenient for wiki users, I decided to do 
this page renaming now, according to what was said in the above-mentioned 
thread and to what I thought was sensible.

I have put some further information about the renaming on the wiki itself 
under http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/User:Wolfgang_Jeltsch/Page_renaming.  
Maybe the rationale for page titles given there can server as a basis for a 
kind of standard for Haskell Wiki page names?

I'm open to comments.

Best wishes,
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