***                          PhD Position
***             Categories, Coalgebras and Types
***         Mathematically Structured Programming Group
***                     University of Strathclyde

Applications are invited for PhD study under the supervision of Prof Neil Ghani 
and Dr Conor McBride on any of the following topics

    * Dependently Typed Programming

    * Homotopy Type Theory

    * Coalgebra

    * Category Theory in Computer Science

The position is fully funded for EU students (apologies to non EU-citizens for 
this ridiculous piece of non-meritocracy) and will last for 3 years.The 
applicant's motivation must centre  on a desire for beautiful mathematics of 
lasting value. The applicant should also have an innate sense of the wonder of 
learning allied to the capacity to work hard and achieve their goals.

The Mathematically Structured Programming Group's vision is to use mathematics 
to understand the nature of computation, and to then turn that understanding 
into the next generation of programming languages. This reflects the symbiotic 
relationship between mathematics, programming, and the design of programming 
languages --- any attempt to sever this connection will diminish each 
component. In order to achieve these research goals we mainly use ideas from 
category theory, type theory and functional programming. Besides Professor Neil 
Ghani and Dr Conor McBride, the group consists of a number of internationally 
leading researchers including Dr Clemens Kupke, Dr Ross Duncan, Dr Robert Atkey 
and Dr Fredrick Norvall-Forsberg as well as a number of PhD students.

So, if you are interested in Neil-and-Conor studies, please contact us. 
Applications will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

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