12th International Conference on Mathematics of Program Construction (MPC 2015)
Königswinter, Germany, 29 June - 1 July 2015

Early registration deadline: *** 29 May 2015 ***
Hotel rooms reserved until:  *** 29 May 2015 ***


The MPC conferences aim to promote the development of mathematical
principles and techniques that are demonstrably practical and
effective in the process of constructing computer programs, broadly


The conference will take place in Königswinter, Maritim Hotel, where
accommodation has been reserved. Königswinter is situated on the right
bank of the river Rhine, opposite Germany's former capital Bonn, at
the foot of the Siebengebirge.


To register for the conference send an email to
stating your name and affiliation. We will then provide further
details, including hotel booking. You can also use the email address
for any queries you might have.

The early registration fee for the conference is 375 Euros if you pay
via bank transfer and 385 Euros if you pay using PayPal. The early
registration deadline is 29 May 2015; after this point, the
registration fee rises to 425 Euros (bank transfer) and 435 Euros

We have a block booking of rooms at the conference hotel at a special
reduced rate, but only until 29th May 2015; after this point, the
rooms will be released and the special rate unavailable.


   * Carroll Morgan, University of New South Wales
     "A nondeterministic lattice of information"

   * Torsten Grust, Universität Tübingen
     "A Compilation of Compliments for a Compelling Companion: the


   * "Exploring an Interface Model for CKA"
     Bernhard Möller and Tony Hoare

   * "On Rely-Guarantee Reasoning"
     Stephan Van Staden
   * "A Relation-Algebraic Approach to Multirelations and Predicate
     Rudolf Berghammer and Walter Guttmann

   * "Preference Decomposition and the Expressiveness of Preference Query
     Patrick Roocks

   * "Hierarchy in Generic Programming Libraries"
     José Pedro Magalhães and Andres Löh

   * "Polynomial Functors Constrained by Regular Expressions"
     Dan Piponi and Brent Yorgey

   * "A Program Construction and Verification Tool for Separation Logic"
     Brijesh Dongol, Victor B. F. Gomes, and Georg Struth

   * "Calculating Certified Compilers for Non-Deterministic Languages"
     Patrick Bahr

   * "Notions of Bidirectional Computation and Entangled State Monads"
     Faris Abou-Saleh, James Cheney, Jeremy Gibbons, James McKinna, and Perdita

   * "A clear picture of lens laws"
     Sebastian Fischer, Zhenjiang Hu, and Hugo Pacheco

   * "Regular Varieties of Automata and Coequations"
     Julian Salamanca, Jan Rutten, Marcello Bonsangue, Enric Cosme-Llópez, and
Adolfo Ballester-Bolinches

   * "Column-wise Extendible Vector Expressions and the Relational Computation
of Sets of Sets"
     Rudolf Berghammer

   * "Turing-Completeness Totally Free"
     Conor McBride

   * "Auto in Agda: Programming proof search using reflection"
     Pepijn Kokke and Wouter Swierstra

   * "Fusion for Free: Efficient Algebraic Effect Handlers"
     Nicolas Wu and Tom Schrijvers


Ralf Hinze                University of Oxford, UK (chair)

Eerke Boiten              University of Kent, UK
Jules Desharnais          Université Laval, Canada
Lindsay Groves            Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Zhenjiang Hu              National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Graham Hutton             University of Nottingham, UK
Johan Jeuring             Utrecht University and Open University, The
Jay McCarthy              Vassar College, US
Bernhard Möller           Universität Augsburg, Germany
Shin-Cheng Mu             Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Dave Naumann              Stevens Institute of Technology, US
Pablo Nogueira            Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
Ulf Norell                University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira   The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
José Nuno Oliveira        Universidade do Minho, Portugal
Alberto Pardo             Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Christine Paulin-Mohring  INRIA-Université Paris-Sud, France
Tom Schrijvers            KU Leuven, Belgium
Emil Sekerinski           McMaster University, Canada
Tim Sheard                Portland State University, US
Anya Tafliovich           University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada
Tarmo Uustalu             Institute of Cybernetics, Estonia
Janis Voigtländer         Universität Bonn, Germany


Ralf Hinze                      University of Oxford, UK (co-chair)
Janis Voigtländer               Universität Bonn, Germany (co-chair)
José Pedro Magalhães            Standard Chartered Bank, UK
Maciej Piróg                    University of Oxford, UK
Nicolas Wu                      University of Bristol, UK

For queries about local matters, please write to

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