It is my great pleasure to announce Haskell for Mac

Haskell for Mac is an interactive Haskell development environment for OS X 
Yosemite that is trivial to install, easy to use, and that features Haskell 

Haskell playgrounds are very much like a persistent, constantly re-evaluated 
GHCi session. All Haskell commands are evaluated as you edit them, constantly 
displaying up-to-date results and type information. Moreover, Haskell 
playgrounds support rich interactive graphics and animations (based on the 
Rasterific, Diagram, and Chart packages as well as Appleā€™s 2D animation and 
games framework SpriteKit).

Haskell for Mac is an advanced programming environment for an advanced language.


PS: The focus of the first release is on learning and prototyping with minimal 
project management support (essentially equivalent to Cabal files with one 
executable section).
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