Hi Alex,

Unless one has issues with SNR in the images, I would be inclined to just use 
the one with the overall highest resolution (0.9mm isotropic is better than 
1x0.7x0.7).  That is because one will just get more blurring of fine structures 
with the lower resolution datasets.



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Subject: [HCP-Users] Feeding the HCP Pipelines multiple T1s and/or T2s of 
different size/resolutions

Hi all,
 As the subject says, has anyone tried starting with multiple T1 or T2 images 
of different resolution or sizes?

(digging into AnatomicalAverage.sh, it seems to produce output with resolution 
matched to the first image provided instead of 1x1x1...)

In particular, I'm wondering about patients scanned on different days/protocols 
where you may multiple good quality T2w images you'd like to use, but one is 
1x0.7x0.7 and the other is 0.9x0.9x0.9... Similarly with T1ws, if you have a 
1.0^2 and a 0.9^2, is there a way to use both to increase SNR, etc...


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