Your Excite Pulse Duration on the Sequence:Special tab is much too low.  We’ve 
been using 6600 microsec for HCP.

Offline recon on a Skyra would require that you set up the “remote recon 
server”.  If that isn’t set up, you’ll need to use “Online” recon.


Michael Harms, Ph.D.
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 on behalf of neuroimage analyst 
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 2:38 PM
To: "<>" 
Subject: [HCP-Users] BOLD sequence does not run


We just installed CMRR sequence on our 3T Skyra (IDEA: VE11C). But we are 
having difficulties in getting the sequence to run. I have attached the 
protocol and the snapshot of the warning. After we got the warning, the 
sequence just stopped and did nothing. We will appreciate any help regarding 
solving this matter.

Second, we were planning to do an offline reconstruction but that the option 
"offline" was not available. Can we use "Aliased" option or we have to use 
"none" option for offline reconstruction?

Thank you



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