Hi Jenn,

I have a question about the scores from NIH toolbox on the domains of negative 
affect, psychological well-being, social relationships, and stress and 

I see that the scores available for download are all unadjusted; I do not see a 
column for any adjusted scores on these measures.

Would you recommend using the unadjusted scores? Or, is there a formula to 
adjust them?

The NIH Toolbox scoring PDF states: "For the NIH Toolbox General Life 
Satisfaction Survey, higher scores are indicative of more general life 
satisfaction. Scores 1 SD or more below the mean (T ≤ 40) suggest low levels of 
general life satisfaction and scores 1 SD or more above the mean (T ≥ 60) 
suggest high level”

Is this true for unadjusted as well?


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