Dear all,

We have already downloaded the data of Resting State fMRI FIX-Denoised
(Compact) of 100 unrelated subjects. We wanted to do some analysis on
these data (rfMRI_REST1_LR_Atlas_hp2000_clean.dtseries.nii), so we
used the following command (for the first session of the first

wb_command.exe -cifti-parcellate
COLUMN glasser_100307_s1_parcellation.ptseries.nii

And then we used the following command on the result of the previous command:

-cifti-convert -to-gifti-ext

Which gave a '.gii' output and then read it with the gifti command in
Matlab and it gave a 360 by 1200 matrix which is dimensionally right,
but we were wondering if what we have done is correct and has given
the correct result.

Thanks in advance,


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