Hello everyone,

I'm trying to compile a program that uses the HDF4 libraries. I installed
HDF4 on my computer in /usr/local/ and I have confirmed that all of the
necessary scripts, include files and libraries have been installed and that
all environment variables are set correctly. I created a Makefile that
compiles my two C files into object files and then links them together.
When I compile the first C file, "readHDFfuncs.c", the compiler tells me
that all of the HDF4 functions being called have not been declared. This
should not be happening because my h4cc compiler is correctly including the
proper directory.

I set the h4cc commands to -echo and have traced the compilation execution.
Everything seems to be correct, however for some reason the function
declarations are not getting through.

I have created a github to show you the files.

Included is the output of my make command (which, remember, includes the
-echo option for h4cc), the Makefile itself, my two C files, a header file,
and the contents of my include directory. I really hate dropping all of
this on people and asking for a solution but I have spent a lot of time
trying to figure this out and I would greatly appreciate it if someone
could point out anything they see. Thanks!

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