> On Jun 29, 2017, at 1:42 PM, Jeffrey Hutzelman <jh...@cmu.edu> wrote:
>>> That would not have had the desired effect of confronting sites
>>> with the
>>> insecurity of extracting keys.  We can't force them to stop
>>> depending on
>>> that in one fell swoop.
>> If you create, then require, then eventually eliminate the option,
>> you can announce that plan as part of the release
>> notes/announcements. Everyone is confronted with it at build time,
>> and everyone is told what to expect, and when you will do it.
> No, only people who build Heimdal are confronted with it at build time.
> Most people will use packaged versions, not build their own.

Is that why I’m the only one who ever complains about autotools/configure? Does 
that mean I should consider NetBSD/arm to be a hopeless cause? 8-/

Still think there is value to putting the appropriate notices in the release 
notes and announcements though.

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