Dear Germain,

thanks for your interest in HelenOS! Please see my comments below.

On 02/18/2018 11:55 PM, Germain Labonté wrote:
> 1) develop an application for HelenOS

Currently one has to create a directory in uspace/app/ and provide a
corresponding Makefile along with the application itself. The new
application's dir needs to be mentioned in uspace/Makefile so that it is
built by the build system and in boot/Makefile.common so that it is part
of the boot image.

The repo of interest is:

Another option is to provide a harbour for a ported application. See below.

> 2) port an application from another operating system to HelenOS
> and

One creates a new harbour in:

Note that it might not be very straightforward to port an application as
our support for POSIX APIs is quite limited.

> 3) make the outcome available to the community.

There is a document:

When you have something to submit, please create a GitHub PR either:



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