I am using Cygwin64 on a Windows 10 computer. I have downloaded the gsl pack. The header files are in /usr/local/include. I have used nano to enter the example code from the gsl reference pdf into a file named example.c. I have used the compile and link commands as in the gsl reference (by copying from the reference and pasting into my Gygwin64 terminal). The only modification is that I use -o example.exe as the first argument in the linker command. I executed example.exe and received a value for the Bessel function J0(x) for x = 5 of J0(5) = -1.917848549326277019e-01 instead of J0(5) = -1.775967713143382642e-01.

Could anyone please explain to this old newby why he got a different solution?

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