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> Am 16.09.2016 um 16:05 schrieb ng0:
>> I think you are confusing installation with downloading. 
> Maybe :-) But I'd expect that only packages to be installed are
> downloaded. Otherwise this would be a wast of time and bandwidth.

There's a separation between packages and outputs. gnunet-svn is a
different package than gnunet, git-sendemail and git-svn are contained
in outputs of git (named 'sendemail' and 'svn'). They are not separated
like for example Debian does it with their -dev version packages.
For the exact reasons someone else has to explain. I guess it's
something about grafting, reproducibility, source provision etc.

>> if (I have not checked it) icedtea is just one package with multiple outputs,
> it is.
>> all outputs will be downloaded 
> But why? I do not see any reason for downloading packages which their
> are neither requested nor installed. If all outputs are downloaded, what
> should be the sense of having different outputs?
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