Am 16.09.2016 um 16:49 schrieb ng0:
> They are not separated
> like for example Debian does it with their -dev version packages.
> For the exact reasons someone else has to explain. I guess it's
> something about grafting, reproducibility, source provision etc.

This is what the docs say about this;

    Sometimes it is more appropriate to separate the various types of files
    produced from a single source package into separate outputs.  For
    instance, the GLib C library (used by GTK+ and related packages)
    installs more than 20 MiB of reference documentation as HTML pages.
    To *save space* for users who do not need it, the documentation goes
    to a
    separate output, called @code{doc}.  [...]

    Some packages install programs with different ``dependency footprints''.
    […] This allows users
    who do not need the GUIs to *save space*.  […]

For me this sound more like a bug. But maybe someone can explain this.

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