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> My understanding from the documentation is that the default login
> manager Slim doesn't deal with Wayland. The only alternative seems to
> be sddm.

There is a Gnome Display Manager (GDM) service [1], which should be capable
of Wayland, but it requires a work on.


> What's behind (banana-service) vs (service banana-service-type)? Maybe
> I'm a bad reader, but the documentation left me guessing / piecing it
> from examples, which form to use, except that the later seems to allow
> configuration?

Both of them allow configuration.  The ‘(*-service)’ calls ‘(service
*-service-type)’.  For example, ‘(gdm-service)’ from [1] does this.

Last developed services provides only ‘(service *-service-type)’.

> I'm also a bit on a loss on what I actually need regarding networking
> services. During installation, "ifconfig enp5s2 up; dhclient -v
> enp5s2" was sufficient. No Wifi here, just one wrong device enp2s0 to
> avoid.

‘%desktop-services’ from a desktop template [2] provides a
‘network-manager-service-type’ which should setup a network according to
DHCP server.  Another approach is ‘dhcp-client-service’.


> If one should do a guix pull before init,
> https://www.gnu.org/software/guix/manual/html_node/Proceeding-with-the-Installation.html#Proceeding-with-the-Installation
> should say so. I only recalled having seen that somewhere else,
> afterwards!

No ‘guix pull’ recommended before ‘guix init’ in the manual.  ‘guix
init’ was tested much more on a Guix release version (without ‘pull’).

I recommend to start with an example template like [2] or with a
smallest configuration as possible.

- [1]  
- [2]  


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