On 13/03/2018 00:49, Jorge wrote:

Hi.  I want to use Guix to install notmuch (with the Emacs interface) and
emacs-guix; however, since Guix does not have Emacs 26, I would like to keep
using my locally-compiled Emacs 26.0.91.  Is that possible?  Would it be quicker
to learn Guix packaging and package Emacs 26.0.91 for Guix?

With Emacs, everything is possible :-)

You'd have to do two things in your Emacs configuration:
  - add the notmuch elisp directory from Guix to load-path
  - make sure that your Guix profile is on exec-path

You probably want the latter anyway, so the additional effort looks small.

On the other hand, packaging Emacs 26 for Guix is a nice exercise and useful for lots of other people, so I don't want do discourage you from trying!

A third option is to use the notmuch executable from Guix but installing the e-lisp part via elpa into your non-Guix Emacs. Even with somewhat different versions, this should work fine, since the notmuch command line interface is very stable.


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